F. Kenneth Art, LLC was founded in May 2021 by owner/artist/author, F. Kenneth Taylor. Our mission is to reintroduce the world to the value and beauty of art with original works and services.

Inspired by his late father, also an amazing artist, F. Kenneth is a 3rd-generation Fine/Visual Artist who primarily works with oils and acrylic paints. Although art has been a passion since childhood, F. Kenneth stepped away from it for years to pursue writing and has self-published 10 books since 2012. In 2018, F. Kenneth returned to his artistic roots with a newfound passion and began studying both; the business and creative sides of the industry.

In just a year's time, 2019, would prove to be F. Kenneth's breakout year as he began accepting commissions, held his first solo exhibition, and was featured in his first gallery exhibit, Urb Arts', "Abstract Pop-Up" Exhibit. In 2021, he would be featured in another Urb Arts exhibit, the "Balm" Exhibit, as well as license and register his moniker as an LLC to become, F. Kenneth Art, LLC. In April 2022, the Hope In Motion Gallery hosted F. Kenneth's second solo exhibition.

F. Kenneth continues to hone his craft and strives to open his own gallery.